Defending the Mesoamericans

Mural Fragment Representing a Ritual of World Renewal
Mural Fragment Representing a Ritual of World Renewal. 

A question to those who enjoy deep-thought:

Should Mesoamerican, and other historical expressions, of auto-sacrifice (bloodletting) and human sacrifice be considered legitimate and healthy expressions of human culture?— ASSUMING that these expressions were consensual.

At the very least, I contend that ritual self-bloodletting (auto-sacrifice) is a safe practice, if done with proper sanitation. Within the worldview of Mesoamerican religions itself, that is to say. There are still cultures today that practice this to a certain extent. The Tang-Ki Shamans of Taiwan for example, practice auto-sacrifice when they are possessed by the gods. 

What is meant by Consensual: That is to say, for example, warriors who participate in Mesoamerican Flower Wars does so knowing that they may be sacrificed to the gods, but that death is worth chancing for socio-economic advancement.

What is meant by Culture: By culture I meant religion. In Mesoamerican Theology, the offerings of blood is an expression of gratitude to the gods who have crippled themselves to maintain our universe. The gods bleed for us and we bleed for them. In the most extreme case of this, martyrdom is the cost of keeping the SUN alive so that the world does not end.

The Aztec Impression 

It is true that the Mexica (Azetcs) took human sacrifice to new extremes (but not to the levels that Spanish propaganda would have us believe), and largely does so with war prisoners and tributes (whose consent is almost certainly questionable) and were politically reviled by their neighbours for their imperialism (neighbours who conveniently allied with the Spanish I should add), but this doesn’t mean all of Mesoamerican culture or theology is alike that of the Mexica. Nor that indigenous Central American cultures should be reviled, or their destruction justified.