JUSTIN C. HSU | Born in 1993. Immigrated to Canada in 199X. Became a Wizard in 2018.

Teller of stories. Maker of things. I design interesting products as a passion.

A designer by training and an artist by inclination, I am in a constant state of creation, destruction, and growth; exploring many different mediums and fields— from startups and fine arts to 3D printing and board game design.

I am an enthusiastic explorer of entrepreneurial enterprises, diverse art techniques, and I firmly believe in pushing my abilities. I believe in mutuality: I want to elevate others the same way I elevate myself.

I see loops as the key to the Universe. The iteration of risk assessment and risk mitigation. The dialectical method. Learning. Practice. Development— Esoteric practices that at its heart forms an almost magical ritual. Everything is designed, and I perceive that people, places and businesses are part of design, subject to the same rules and principles that make it all work, but we may simply call this harmony. That is to say: Wisdom is understanding people. Morality is loving people.

I find myself in a learning binge: rapidly mastering different skills with enthusiasm and aplomb. I am hungry for meaning, and filled with boundless ambition for greatness.