Tim & Katie: The Squarespace romcom

Just reminding you all of possibly the best ad campaign I’ve seen in eons. Squarespace’s Tim & Katie storyline is just brilliant. Everytime they come up, I watch it; and the story actually progresses! As of right now, the videos on Squarespace’s YT channel hasn’t caught up to the latest episodes of this couple’s planning for their wedding-headed-towards-disaster.

They even have their own website (made using Squarespace of course).

Who else is a fan of Tim & Katie?

Tim and Katie Forever. Squarespace Ad Campaign.
Tim and Katie Forever. Squarespace Ad Campaign.



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Justin C. Hsu

Designer, Artist, and Consumer of Pop Culture.

3 thoughts on “Tim & Katie: The Squarespace romcom”

  1. So Justin, I would agree with you on the Tim/Katie SquareSpace ads. Very clever and they do pull you in. I am trying to locate one of the T/K ads that I heard/saw on my son’s computer and cannot find it. is a 30 sec to 1 minute spot I think. Where can one view all of the ads that come up in YT? The ad somehow has a ‘#4’ label in the title and is the one where Katie accuses Tim of taking pics of some other girls chest and she says, ‘those are not mine’ basically. Tim was caught redhanded and becomes speechless. My name is Don Maharas, dmaharas@yahoo.com……just curious if you have any knowledge of this spot…..thanks.


  2. Hello, Don— I am almost certain one cannot find all of them, not even on the SquareSpace youtube channel. They upload a clip long after their ad campaign first aired that clip. #1 and #2 are on SquareSpace’s channel, but not any further episodes. There is always the chance someone managed to record all of the ads as they come up, but because it’s random (or at least random to us), there is simply no way to prepare a screen recording unless you do it prior to playing a youtube video every time.

    Also, congrats to being the first person (I think) to have commented on my blog! :3


  3. Justin,
    Thanks for the note back. I actually had seen it again (on another computer in the room), and then had to learn how to track down adverts. If you rightclick on a video while it is playing in the YT video area, before the desired content resumes or plays and then select debug info , a set of data, including the video id of the currently playing one is there for you, it is down towards the bottom of the data set. The url at the screen browser location still remains the video that will resume playing after the ad content. It is still a waiting game to find it again, however I found that particular Tim and Katie ad just super funny and wanted to see it again and capture it. Typical RomCom interaction, like from Friends days. I’ll send you the id when I find it. Thanks….Don


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